Local gastronomy is closely linked to the slaughter of the pig. Initially, it was a family event where the pigs raised in the house were slaughtered and the products were made to serve as a system of self-sufficiency. This tradition became deeply rooted in the municipality, resulting in the existence of local meat companies that are highly appreciated for their sausages and cured meats, where onion black pudding, chorizo and longaniza sausage are particularly popular.

In Pinos Genil we can also find traditional bakeries with a wide variety of products and whose bread is homemade with sourdough.

Some of the local dishes that can be tasted in the town’s restaurants are those typical of the gastronomy of Granada, such as migas, broad beans with ham, San Antón soup, porridge or the Alpujarreño dish, with the star dish being soupy rice, for which the town is renowned.

This rich and varied gastronomy, together with the magnificent climatic conditions “due to the coolness of the river”, together with the beauty of the surroundings and the quality of its restaurants, have made Pinos Genil a first class destination for all lovers of good food.