In Pinos Genil, the local holidays are held in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary and St. Roque, as patron saint, who are paraded through the streets of the village after the celebration of mass.

The dates of the festivities have changed throughout history, the current date being the first weekend in August.

The traditional “Race of Ribbons” (once embroidered by the girls) is maintained as a tradition. The coloured ribbons are wound around a spool with a ring protruding from it, which the cyclist have to hook onto a stick to unwind the ribbon; if a boy had a special interest in a “Embroiderer”, he would try to thread his ribbon so that she could put it on for him.

The “diana floreada”, played by the music band, marks the beginning of each new day during the festivities.

The last day takes place with the popular Romeria, which is held in the town square, where locals and outsiders, some dressed in flamenco costumes, enjoy the music and dancing.



  • Mosto Party: Second weekend in January
  • Day of the Cross: 3rd May
  • Cultural Week: St. John´s Night (24th June)
  • Local Holidays: Last week of July or first week of August
  • Chestnut Festival: Last Saturday in October
  • Las Campanadas: Night of 31th December
  • Three Kings Parade: 5th January